responding-to-negative social-media-postsThe problem of online trolls keeps getting worse. Many people face the harsh reality of getting their adverts on social media hijacked every time they post and often don’t know how to handle negative comments. These trolls prey on ads posted on the advertising pages of Facebook and Insta the most.

This has created a new niche for a product that can be used to protect ads and posts from these invaders. In comes AddResponse. The main aim of this product is to help you get the most from your adverts without being taken over by a third-party.

The product launches on 28th January 2020 and already it has a lot of people talking. There is a lot of skepticism about how effectively it works even though the main idea is good.

The concept behind AddResponse is to moderate comments on your posts to better reach the intended audience. You won’t have to worry about the ads you’re generating falling short of their main goal of attracting and retaining customers.

What is Add Response?

Everyone with an online presence has seen the damage online trolls can cause. They lay waiting to pounce on every ad placed on Facebook and Insta for their twisted benefit. This is why a product like AddResponse for Facebook and Insta is such a welcome relief to many.

They never have anything positive to say and are ready to call you a scammer even though you run an honest business. They never believe what your advertising can be true. Their skepticism rubs off on other buyers who end up not making the purchase too.

These people highjack your comment section placing links to their pages. This easily distracts potential customers. Some go as far as trying to strike personal conversations with your potential buyers scaring them off just as you’re about to close the deal!

Other trolls start giving cheaper alternatives on your ad’s comment section and drop links of where these cheaper options can be found. That is not good for business. Try as you may, you can’t block all of them.
These are some of the issues AddResponse seeks to tackle for you.

Will it Work?

The product promises to help keep your comment sections clean by constantly monitoring your posts and handling negative feedback on social media by removing such posts. While this seems like a life-saver, it will be interesting to see. Granted, some trolls use computers to generate tens of comments per second.

This product aims to remove all rude, abusive, and insulting comments which are a welcome relief to many ad placers. One problem it will face is comments written in different languages and colloquialisms not familiar to it. How will it tell the difference between a native tongue insult and a comment?

While it’s very helpful for the product to remove all stop words you set on it, it won’t be that easy. There are different words used to mean the same thing and stopping one can’t deter trolls from using another word in its place. However, the tool does claim that the powerful AI engine keeps learning from the comments it gets and continues to improve. The AI engine profiles your customers and begins to recognize the type of comments that you don’t want to appear on your posts.

Is It a Good Purchase?

Yes. Granted the product may need a little more tweaking. Still, it’s a marvelous idea to help ad placers control online trolls. It covers all the basics and hopefully it gets better with each version released implementing the feedback from those who purchase it.