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Grab An Extra 35 Templates, More Skins, Developer Rights, Split Testing, Client Management And MORE with Vidipages Pro Package

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"Vidipages Pro has powerful advanced features to take your online & offline marketing to a whole new level. The upgrade is available for 5 days only during our launch, and comes with a full 30 day satisfaction guarantee."


What Amazing Features Do I Get With This Upgrade?

Client Management

Generate another income stream by creating awesome videos for your clients. Educate them on the importance of videos and how they can increase the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives.You can create access to your clients for their campaigns.

Split Testing

Now test the efficiency of your custom campaigns and load only those with maximum conversions.

Splash Pages

Transform the effectiveness of your videos by adding a splash page in front of your video, complete with ANIMATED call to action, lots of templates....and more! This will get everyone clicking on your videos.

Complete WP Integration

Easily drop your videos right into wordpress with our custom wordpress plugin and it's Vidipages API. No coding, no hassle.....add your videos ANYWHERE in seconds. And you can also use this with clients!"

Custom Branding System

Not only can you add client management to let your customers log in under your account, you can even add your OWN logo and branding! That means you get to use our app with clients and look good, while we shoulder the burden for you.

More Tabs..More Videos!

Get an additional 11 Page Tab installation slots so you can install your videos on a total of 15 Page Tabs - perfect for client work!

Unlimited Fan Pages

Lift the limits and install Vidipages on as many fan pages you want and showcase your videos pages to the widest possible audience!

Vidipages Pro Graphics Library

Make your video branding and video landing pages look as slick as possible with our huge library of images. You can even use these for client campaigns.

Extra Templates & Extra Skins!

With a total of 50 templates in Vidipages Pro and 8 new video player skins (not to mention the splash images) you have an almost limitless combination of styles and designs to make your campaigns stand out.

Unrivalled Autoresponder Integration

Choose direct integration with 14 leading autoresponders (with more on the way). Make sure you build your list the right way, with Vidipages Pro!

Just think of the awesome interactive videos you can create for yourself and your clients! Enlighten your customers on what "their" customers need and ensure that they take advantage of the opportunities offered by interactive video.


And remember, these campaigns all work for web, mobile AND facebook.....this is a solution every client needs, you just need to show them.

The possibilities are endless AND it's so quick and easy!

35 Additional Stunning Templates

Create A Subscription Based Service To Generate Monthly Income From Your Clients...

Apart from creating interactive videos for your clients, you can also give your them specific administrative access to manage the tabs in their fan pages.

You can charge your clients a monthly subscription fee to keep using the application if you wish. If they stop paying, you can instantly downgrade the access level of their account. This way you will be able to build a continuous income stream.

You'll also be able to easily share useful analytics with your clients, such as number of subscribers which can be sorted by date, week or month. This makes it easy for you to modify existing campaigns for your clients.

When your clients see what your premium service can do for their business, they'll want to keep paying for that service month after month!


The simplest, most effective move, just for you!

Remember, this offer is exclusive to our early adopters. Anyone who purchases Vidipages at a later date will not receive this offer. This is a one of a kind opportunity to get a head in the fastest growing new branch of E-commerce.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get satisfying results from Vidipages within 30 days period, we guarantee to issue a full refund. just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

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