All-In-One Video Marketing Solution

Want your video to be in First Page of YouTube and Google? Are you frustrated as hell on making videos but not seeing any results?

Then you need this all-in-one video marketing solution, "VidNeos".

VidNeos was created for the entrepreneur who wants to make more money - while working less - by using the #1
fastest growing form of audience building today. Say goodbye to an exhausting feeling you get when your working hard on a video but doesn't pull any traffic, even you make a lot of keyword research but still nothing happens.

VidNeos will be the the solution to your problem, for it will help your video to be on the first page of YouTube and Google.

You can research, analyse, track & make videos! 

Advantage of VidNeos

  • It is the only software program that can RESEARCH, ANALYZE, RANK and CREATE VIDEOS - All in One.
  • Detailed video niche analysis - tells you exactly what to make your videos about and which keywords to use
  • Built-in auto-backlink creation tool - builds you an army of ONLY high quality backlinks that will get your video, blogs, websites boosted to #1 position on Google.
  • Custom algorithms to analyze and actually make suggestions about how to specially optimize your titles, descriptions, and even your tags to rank #1 for whichever keywords you choose.
  • The "loophole" companies like Coca Cola and Dove are exploiting to sneak their videos onto the screens of billions of viewers a month.
  • A secret, "back door" way of getting onto the first page of Google & YouTube with every video you publish by "stroking" Google's SEO algorithms and using high volume/low competition keywords.
  • How to "trick" other pro video marketers who get paid tens of thousands of dollars each month from their video traffic.... Into Doing All the "Dirty Work" For You!
  • Built-in "crack" element video marketers put their videos that make it nearly impossible for viewers to stop watching.
  • Hot to "spy" on your competitors and see exactly what tags they're using to rank
  • Get Sales & conversions from your video traffic by narrowing down to the right kind of viewers.
  • How to use YouTube's "holy trinity" grading for fast-ranking videos... How to make yourself an instant "authority"... Why you should literally ignore most of the video marketing "checklists" out there today... 
  • How to skip 90% of the research and still out Hot videos YouTube & Google love the rank.
  • Packed with tested & proven M8 algorithms bringing you the best research data available.
  • Keyword ranking tool tells you how your videos are ranking for several keywords at once.
  • Follows stories and trends around the web that have gone viral in the last 24 hours - so you can create viral response videos.
  • An easy to use interface with red, yellow, orange, and green color coded data to let you analyze data and make decisions.
  • Ability to create videos with custom voice overs, background jingle music, HD images, and more.
  • Works on Mac, PC, and Linux.

It's Time to slip in the Back Door and See For Yourself just how these "PROS" are getting all that laser targeted traffic for themselves... for FREE... And how you can Snag your Fair Share.

But don't take our word for it, check-out what others are saying:

For a non-technical like me this is going to change the way I do videos. Todd you continue to over deliver. Thanks for another great tool.

Mike Lewis - The Book Guy

YouTube is one of the highest trafficked sites on the web, so for any online business it is essential to know how to leverage that traffic. With VidNeos you have everything you need to not only rank videos in YouTube but also create your videos as well! I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to boost there traffic in 2015!

Josh Ratta -Founder, VidInfusion & Video Motion Pro

​VidNeos is the real deal in video marketing software. It's got more cool features than any other video marketing suite in recent months. A must-have video product to start off 2015 with

Cyril 'JEET' Gupta ​- Founder, TrafficJeet, Video Jeet & Email Jeet