Many people search the internet for advice on how to write a good article for their blog faster. We’ve all struggled with keeping our blogs updated with content regularly because it’s such a time consuming task, especially if you have more than one blog.

When I first started my business in 2012, I had to write a lot of content and often it would take me 2-3 days just to come up with one article, so I totally understand how difficult it is, especially when you are first starting out. I researched and found these article writing tips, which I am sharing with you today.

Creating an awesome piece of content that your audience will find interesting does take time, especially if you want your readers to enjoy it and come back for more! You need to plan out the structure and think about the article format. You also need to research the topic if it’s not something you know a lot about.

Keep a list of topics you want to write about so that you’ve always got something up your sleeve.

how to write a good article







Here are some steps to write an article which will keep your reader engaged with your content.

Think about your audience

Who will be interested in your article and what will they gain from reading it? What sort of things will resonate with them – this will help you to write about things they really want to hear about.Create a template for your notes

Create a fill in the blanks template so that you can add the main questions and use it to plan out your content, each and every time you want to write an article.

For Example:
Persona – who is your target reader – who are you trying to reach with your content.
Eg: Owner of a business
Online business manager


1. Identify the problem
You want to do what you can to hook the reader. Cover things that may be holding them back from finding a solution.

2. Make the problem worse
Share your unique story and make the story as personal to them as you can.

3. Choose your words carefully
You want your audience to resonate with you, so think carefully about the words you use. Your aim is to make your audience connect with you. You want to show them that you care and want to help them to overcome whatever problem they are facing.

4. Share your perspective
Tell them a story on a solution that solves their problem and how it was discovered. At this point, you’re not giving away the solution.

5. How can the problem be solved
Now you want to share with them how the problem can be overcome with your solution.
This is where you will explain what can be done to make the problem go away.

6. Call to action
Now that you have shared the solution with your reader – you’re not going to just leave it there. You now need to tell them what to do and this is why a strong call to action is critical. For example, tell them if they want more helpful tips for solving problem A, be sure to subscribe to my blog OR download your free guide or purchase your product.

Important points to note:

Your headline is the most important part of your blog post – a strong headline convinces the reader to click on your article – your aim is to write an irresistible headline that makes the reader want to know more! There’s some great tips here on how to write a strong headline here.

  • Make sure you split your article up into subheadings – people get overwhelmed when they see a big block of text.
  • Use bullets for any lists you create – it’s so much easier to read
  • Use one or 2 images to break up the text
  • Make important points bold
Tip to help you with the job:

If you’re using WordPress, consider using this editorial calendar plugin here.

●  It helps you to plan out your content
●  Let’s you see all the content you have planned at a glance
●  Let’s you drag and drop posts from day-to-day to suit
●  Allows you to quickly edit content and publishing dates/times