Is IM Checklist V28 Funnels Worth It?

With the increase of online business, it’s quite difficult to tell a scam from a real and beneficial company. Regardless, if your aim is to become a successful internet marketer, you might have come across the IM Checklist series by successful online marketer, Kevin Fahey.

So, you are probably trying to figure out what topic this particular checklist covers and whether it is worth your time and money? Well, stick around and let me share with you my IM Checklist Volume 28 Funnels review.

As you start off as an internet marketer, there’s a high chance that you’ll run into some difficulties. And, if you don’t have anyone to help you, then this will affect your internet marketing success. Luckily, that’s where the IM Checklist series comes in. How will IM Checklists help you? Keep reading and you’ll find that out!

The latest hot new checklist from Kevin Fahey shows you how to create marketing funnels that will bring you money from years to come, even during global economic freakouts! Learning how to create successful funnel pages is the most important skill you will ever learn in your online marketing journey.

What is IM Checklist V28 Funnels?

Simply put, this is the ultimate set of funnel stages that will enable you to develop a strong and indestructible foundation for your business. This will help you perfect the various internet marketing sales funnel strategies that allows you to not only keep your head above water but will also help your business thrive.

How will IM Checklist V28 Funnels help my internet marketing?

When it comes to automated sales funnels, conversions matter and these checklists will provide conversion triggers which need to be included in your marketing funnels to enhance your chances of converting your offer into a sale.

If you decide to upgrade to the IM Checklist Gold Monthly Membership ($3 trial available), you will get access to all the 2020 Marketing Checklists (over 30 hours of training), plus new checklist volumes every month as part of your membership, which will normally be sold for $37 each. In addition, you can attend live monthly members only training webinars. What’s more, you will even get access to Private Label Rights for each of the checklists, which allows you to re-edit the content and rebrand it to claim full authorship. Sounds amazing, right?

Creator of the IM Checklist



This program was created by Kevin Fahey who’s a full-time online marketer, list builder and SEO expert. The checklist series was solely created to help the online community and improve the internet marketing services offered by online marketers.

Using the IM Checklist to improve sales

To successfully run an online business, there are a lot of marketing strategies that you need to learn.

One of the major contributors to your online success are your digital marketing funnels and there are many factors that you need to be aware of. Therefore, to educate yourself, the IM checklist V28 Funnels by Kevin Fahey gives you clear guidelines that you can use to create any type of funnel, including lead funnel magnets, bridge page funnels, landing page funnels, tripwire funnels and more. In addition, you also get full PLR rights, which means you can re-brand and repurpose them in any way you want – can you see the potential of this?

My conclusion on the IM Checklist V28 Funnels Review

So far so good. The IM Checklist series is certainly not a scam and the latest V28 Funnel Checklist is no exception. Yes you heard that right! I honestly believe you need this particular checklist to ensure success on your online marketing journey. Most of all, these checklists will give you a clear perspective of how to set-up your internet marketing sales funnel to allow you to tap into massive profits with the minimum amount of effort.

Complex things have been made brain-dead simple and you will be amazed at the change in your business when you start to implement these checklists into your business.

Plus, Kevin is offering $250+ worth of bonuses for free when you grab IM Checklist V28 right now while it’s at the lowest price – check out this offer and the incredible bonuses on the page here!